Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License

Kentucky’s license to carry concealed deadly weapons law became effective October 1, 1996 and is contained in KRS 237.110 through 237.136. As used in the Kentucky Penal Code, (see KRS 500.080) “Deadly Weapon” means any of the following:

  • A weapon of mass destruction
  • Any weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or other serious physical injury, may be discharged
  • Any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife
  • Billy, nightstick, or club
  • Blackjack or slapjack
  • Nunchaku karate sticks
  • Shuriken or death star
  • Artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic, or other similar hard material

License Requirements

To get a license a person must:

  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Be a citizen of the United States; and
  • Have been a Kentucky resident for at least the last six months before applying; or
  • Be a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on duty in Kentucky at least six months prior to and at the time of the application.

A person is not eligible to get a license if that person

  • Is ineligible to possess a firearm under KRS 527.040 (Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon).
  • Is ineligible to possess a firearm under federal law (18 U.S.C. sec. 922(g) or (n)), which applies to any person who: (1) is under indictment for or has been convicted of any felony; (2) is a fugitive from justice; (3) is an unlawful user of or is addicted to controlled substances; (4) has been judged by a court to be mentally defective or has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution; (5) is an illegal alien; (6) has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions; (7) has renounced United States citizenship; (8) is currently subject to a domestic violence protective order; or (9) has been convicted by any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. For this law to apply, the possession must be in, or affecting, interstate or foreign commerce. Most firearm possession situations meet this requirement.
  • Within the preceding three years:
    • Has been committed for abuse of controlled substances or has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving controlled substances;
    • Has two or more convictions for motor vehicle DUI or has been committed for alcoholism
    • Has been convicted of the misdemeanor of Assault in the Fourth Degree or Terroristic Threatening
  • Special Note: Although being judged to be mentally incompetent or involuntarily committed to a mental institution are no longer listed as a disqualifier under state law, they are still disqualifiers under federal law – see (4) in the preceding paragraph.

After a license has been issued, if any of the above takes place, the license will be suspended or revoked. Additional information for CCDW Licensure can be found here. You may also download a copy of the Steps for Acquiring a License.