Mountain Bike Patrol

The Shepherdsville Police Department Mountain Bike Unit was established in 2005. The goal of the unit is to localize police coverage and bring the department closer to the community. The mobility of the bikes and close contact officers have with the citizens, have added great value to our Community Policing efforts. A police officer on a bike has many advantages over traditional methods of patrol, including increased mobility, stealth and increased visibility. The versatility of the bicycles allows the officers to easily navigate through congested streets. A police officer on a bike is more available to members of the public. All officer officers assigned to Bike Patrol receive 40 hours of specialized training in advanced riding techniques and the tactical uses of bikes in police work. Officers are assigned to the bike unit as a specialty position and also work regular patrol. Today, the unit consists of 15 officers working on three shifts. These officers respond to calls for service, enforce traffic violations and conduct surveillance to deter criminal activity. The officers are also used for special events such as the 4th of July Fireworks Show and Parades. During these events the officers are able to move through the crowds quickly and more efficiently.